Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ghostbusters Art Dump

Ghostbusters is finally out, and it's time to dump some art.
These shots were taken directly from the Infernal Engine-

Environment breakdown-

I wanted to give a breakdown of one of the environments in the game. This set got thrown out but reintroduced for the Chairman boss fight. It was also redesigned several times. Andy did an initial blockout for the final redesign. Glenn made the corridors leading to this large chasm and made the smoke and liquid particles for the platform. I was in charge of making sure this environment got completed. I modeled and textured the set, platform, assets, and did the final lighting pass. Juan helped make the destructable beakers, and Matt Wells made the slime pools. The ghostly effect was created by Dusty. The majority of our sets were constructed like this- one big collaboration.

Some of the Concept Art I made-

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